Monday, 25 April 2011

Is this the Apple iPhone 4S?

M.I.C. Gadget posts two images of what they are calling the “iPhone 4S.” Of course this name comes from our report about game developers preparing their next-generation iPhone applications on iPhone 4s with A5 processors. We didn’t hear anything about a larger display on the “iPhone 4S” so if the above image has any legitimacy, we’re going to call it the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5′s with larger displays have long been rumored with Digitimes saying 4 inches, the WSJ says edge-to-edge, and Joshua Topolsky saying 3.7 inches. A quick glance at the photo shows the new screen to be slightly taller and slightly wider. If the image is legitimate, it appears to be closer to 3.7 inches than 4 inches. Of note, the image features a white iPhone bezel with Apple’s new proximity sensor. We think it adds legitimacy to the photo if anything. See another image after the break.

via 9to5Mac
source MIC Gadget


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