Sunday, 8 May 2011

Fights break out at iPad 2 launch in China

Everyone wants an iPad 2, but seemingly not as much as some Chinese people who queued for the shiny new tablet in Beijing. The launch of the iPad 2 in China drew large numbers of people. Being the prepared bunch that the chinese are, the Apple retail staff had brought in a new procedure for the queues, involving numbered wristbands. Apparently, all hell broke loose in the Beijing Sanlitun Apple store causing it to close temporarily. Right now details are scarce, but it would appear that an Apple store employee had a ‘disagreement’ with some scalpers. Local newspapers are reporting that four people have been injured and taken to the hospital and one of the glass doors in the Apple store was broken while the mess was cleaned up. The police are investigating the incident with the possibility of charging some of the people involved.

via kitguru

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