Friday, 6 May 2011

The Samsung Infuse 4G is here, in its full 4.5" glory

"Holy shit." It's not what usually comes to mind when I touch a new phone. But Samsung's Infuse 4G is spectacular. Ridiculously good 4.5-inch screen. 1.2GHz processor. 4G on AT&T. Why, exactly, wasn't this the new Nexus phone?
I pick it up. Whoa. This is quality. The first Samsung phone in ages that doesn't feel cheap—it's a radically better tactile experience than any Galaxy phone, even the Nexus S. The plastic is dense and matte, the back textured. The phone itself a nearly perfectly sculpted, sufficiently thin slab (AT&T's thinnest), the expanse of the 4.5-inch screen making it seem somehow thinner. It's what a high-end phone should feel like.

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