Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dell working on a 7" tablet with a slide-out split keyboard

Whoa. Every so often, a giant in Round Rock pokes it head up above water long enough to put forth a truly mesmerizing design, and while it's no Adamo, this is most definitely the freshest take we've seen on tablets in a very, very long time. The gallery below showcases a prototype that's lounging around within Dell's top secret labs, a 7-inch slate that's adorned with a slide-out keyboard. Said keyboard, however, is hardly typical -- it's rocking a split-key design that's not at all dissimilar to the virtual layouts recently showcased within iOS 5 and Windows 8. So far as we can tell, the entire alphabet's present and accounted for, and there's a rear camera that'll be more than happy to make your child's next birthday party a bit more awkward. Outside of that, we've no other details to pore over, but it's safe to say that we'll be doing our darnedest to change that. 

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