Wednesday, 6 July 2011

AMD Fusion chips for the tablet market on the horizon

Donanimhaber has released slides showing AMD's roadmap for tablet chips. As you can see the chips available now are pushing a 4W power consumption. In terms of power, a typical desktop CPU today is pushing something like 125-140 watts, leading one to think that 4W would be more that adequate for todays mobile devices. On the contrary 4W is still too much in terms of both heat output, and battery life.

I would expect to see these 4W chips pushing more into the laptop market, with the 2W Hondo versions on the way out I fully expect to see those enter the tablet market instead of the 4W Desna. The Samara chips due in 2013 will probably have an ever lower TDP and as such, be even more widely used is mobile devices.

Editor's Thoughts: I am very excited to see what AMD's new APU chips can really do, but at this point I think what the mobile tech dept really needs is stronger more powerful batteries. Battery tech seems to really lag behind and make itself the weakest link. What good is my HTC EVO really if I have to charge it after every phone call? It should not all be put on the chip makers, the battery manufacturers should be just as involved in making more powerful smaller batteries as well.

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