Saturday, 9 July 2011

Dell Peju Windows 7 tablet leaked

Dell Peju Insider landed themselves an entire package of well, Dell Peju leaks. The upcoming tablet from Dell, possibly called the Latitude ST as the video above suggests, will feature all the features you'll expect to find from a high-end tablet released in 2011, the main difference? This one is x86 based. Other features include a Gorilla Glass front panel, a rubberized soft touch back, front and rear facing cameras, so its seems to be a solidly built tablet. Its docking station will offer USB, HDMI, Ethernet and audio ports so theres no lack of connectivity.

Watch the video above or read more on the tablet over at Dell Peju Insider.

Editors Thoughts: The tablet looks really good, its a Latitude tablet though so its obvious Dell will market this towards its business crowd, but when has that stopped anyone huh? You never know, you might be able to slap Windows 8 on this think when the OS is released and that should give you another 4 years of futureproofness.

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