Friday, 8 July 2011

iPad HD comes in Q3 2011 with Retina Display?

(credit: Gizmodo)
According to ThisIsMyNext, Apple is preparing a new addition to the iPad family alongside the launch of a new iPhone in September this year. The iPad HD will not be the iPad 3 (supposedly still scheduled for the usual iPad first quarter refresh in 2012), this one is rather an upgrade to the iPad 2, so it wont be a complete redesign, the screen resolution however will be doubled, hence the "HD" in the name, to 2048x1536 making it a Retina Display in Apples terms. The processor will no doubt be upgraded in order to support the new resolution, so expect an A6 (or A5S?) processor, possibly still dual-core but with a faster clock speed.

Editors Thoughts: Im not sure as to whether a dual-core processor like the Apple A5 will be able power the higher resolution smoothly, even if the clock speed is increased. Think about those graphically intensive games like  Infinity Blade, and I highly doubt the iPad HD will feature a quad-core processor, because that would leave the iPad 3 without a new processor for Apple to brag about. So I think the HD's processor will likely be a dual-core with a clock speed increase and a better graphics core, thats all speculation though, time will tell. But the big question is, will you be getting yourself the iPad HD?

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