Sunday, 10 July 2011

Unreleased iPhone with 3 cameras pictured

It seems like an image of a 3D iPhone has been circulating, originating from a site named 175wan which we're never heard of up till now. The picture (above) is of a device that heavily resembles the current iPhone 4 but with a clear view of dual cameras and flash, and a second image (after the break) revealing a slightly thinner bezel around the supposed 4" display. There have been earlier rumors of a 3D iPhone floating around, nothing confirmed yet obviously as Apple never talk about unreleased products. 


Editors Thoughts: But could it be? We doubt it. See the suspicious bubble at the bottom? and the "5" after the term "iPhone"? Its very un-Apple-ish, even for a prototype. Its possibly just a sticker, which explains the air bubble. That combined with the infamous blurrycam and there you have it, a 3D iPhone. However, lets not rule out a 3D iPhone just yet...

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