Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Apple iOS 5 is now available

The wait is finally over, Apple have released the final version of its next mobile operating system for their iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad line of devices. With what Apple claims to have over 200 updates over the previous version, the largest features, and perhaps most exciting are the new Notification Center that adds an Android esque notification system. iMessage, which can be seen as a direct competitor to RIMs Blackberry Messenger service, deep Twitter integration, over-the-air delta updates and my personal favorite; what Apple calls a PC Free experience which completely eliminates the need of a computer to set your iDevices up.

Unfortunately, the new and impressive voice recognition service Siri remains unique to the iPhone 4S only, which is a shame since its inclusion on other devices does not seem to be related to hardware limitations, just Apple trying to make the 4S stand out. Nonetheless, you can now connect your iDevice to iTunes and get your firmware download started.

Editors Thoughts:
Having installed it on my first-gen iPad, it doesnt seem like a lot of features have been removed due to old hardware, all the major features have been included. Its a little snappier than iOS4, Safari is noticeably faster. All-in-all, its an appreciated update, I just wish Siri was included...

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