Thursday, 17 March 2011

Nokia admits the risk involved with making Windows Phone 7 their primary platform

On February 11, 2011, Nokia and Microsoft announced decision to switch smartphones from the world's largest maker handsets to the operating system from Microsoft. Under the terms of the agreement, Nokia would adopt Windows Phone as its principal smartphone strategy, Nokia would help drive the future of Windows Phone and would contribute its expertise on hardware design, language support, and help bring Windows Phone to a larger range of price points, market segments and geographies. Besides, Nokia and Microsoft would closely collaborate on joint marketing initiatives and a shared development roadmap to align on the future evolution of mobile products. There are other points of proposed partnership, which is yet to be finalized an published, but Nokia has already published the list of risks that it will run into because of the switch.

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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Windows Phone 7 marketplace hits 10,000 apps

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It's a milestone in the life of any OS: the day you reach that magical 10,000 app number. Windows Phone 7 is the latest kindred soul to achieve the feat, accomplishing the task in just over four and a half months -- that's faster than both the Android Marketplace and iTunes App Store. Microsoft's been adding around 1,000 apps a week since it hit 5k right before the New Year, and as of late that rate's been picking up. Congrats WP7 devs, you've officially issued more software updates than Microsoft itself. Your move Microsoft, we're still waiting for copy & paste

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Friday, 11 March 2011

The iPad 2 is now available online

Apple on Friday began accepting orders online for the iPad 2, and the first buyers were told to expect the tablet to ship within two to three weeks. 

While initial orders were said to ship in two to three days, that quickly was pushed back to a wait of up to a week. But as of later Friday morning, models of the iPad 2, in all capacities and colors, in both the Wi-Fi model and 3G options from AT&T and Verizon now ship in two to three weeks. Apple began taking orders at 1 a.m. Pacific, 4 a.m. Eastern.

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