Friday, 2 December 2011

Android ICS optimized for x86 AMD Fusion

With AMD ending its war on Intel, the company has made it clear that they will start focusing their efforts on the mobile and tablet markets. As an indication to that, AMD has been working on the x86 version of the latest Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich which launched around two weeks ago for developers to tinker with. They have been providing the developers with Brazos (APU) based devices and helping them out with the engineering process.

Since ICS x86 is still in its early development stages, a lot of the hardware functions don't work, like camera support, Ethernet connectivity or sound. However, so far, the team has been able to get graphics hardware acceleration and Wi-Fi functioning properly.

This goes to show AMD's commitment to their new business strategy, there's still no word on a release date for ICS x86 or when we'll start seeing retail units shipping from hardware manufacturers like HP, Dell, Asus and others that currently sell ARM based Android tablets.

source Android-x86

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